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First Choice Ingredients Adds Spray Drying Pilot Plant

R & D Lab Photo

Research and Development Lab at FCI. Photo: First Choice Ingredients, Inc.

The plant will reduce research and development time for clean-label dairy concentrates.

First Choice Ingredients (FCI), Germantown, Wis., announced the addition and certification of a new spray drying pilot plant. The company said the plant will allow customers to have smaller quantities of clean‐label dairy concentrates in days rather than months.

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Exploring the Many Functionalities and Formats of Dairy Ingredients

Exploring The Functionalities

Photo: Adobestock via

Butter pound cake, egg custard, whipped cream frosting — these are some of the obvious perishable foods applications found in the dairy department. While farm-fresh ingredients may be feasibly sourced and used by smaller bakeries, larger operations and commercial manufacturers tend to rely on industrial formats of these ingredients, which perform many behind-the-scene functions, from helping cookies rise to slowing their staling.

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Focus on Fermentation and Flavor

Pam Gribou

Pam Gribou, director of research and development and applications First Choice Ingredients, Germantown, Wis.

Less is more in today’s food industry. This includes how ingredients are sourced and commercially produced.

Fermentation technology is considered a clean label, natural process, as it relies on microorganisms and enzymes found in nature. They are isolated and used in a controlled manufacturing setting to naturally produce food ingredients.

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