Frequently asked questions

How can FCI impact my business?

As a contract manufacturer known for unparalleled quality, we can create products to spec, profile, application — or to your specific formula. If you can dream it, we can create it. Our goal is to maintain our position as a world-class supplier of competitively priced dairy-based concentrates, flavors, and ingredients.

What are dairy flavors?

Natural dairy flavors are created through enzyme modification, reaction, and compounding technologies. These flavors are rich in desirable flavoring compounds, free from off-flavors, and have enhanced strength and flavor profile.

What raw materials do you source for your concentrates?

Our world-class portfolio of natural flavor concentrates are made from milk, yogurt, butter, cream and cheese.

Which formats are your dairy concentrates available?

We offer concentrates as pastes and powders.

What concentration levels can you achieve with your concentrates?

We offer products 5- 20 times stronger than the raw ingredients.

What are your batch size capabilities?

To maintain absolute control of quality, we can create batch sizes up to 25,000 lbs.

Where are your manufacturing facilities and R&D center?

Our headquarters are in Germantown, Wisconsin. There are 2 buildings in Germantown that house wet and dry manufacturing, research and development, and administrative offices. FCI also has a manufacturing facility in nearby Menomonee Falls, WI that houses wet manufacturing, pilot spray dryer, additional research and development labs and the inside sales team.

Do you have spray-dried products?

Yes, we have a variety of spray-dried products on various encapsulation platforms.

What about Starter Distillates?

At FCI, we offer fermented steam stripped distillates (starter distillates) in liquid and spray dried encapsulated forms.

Are your products available globally?

Yes, we have a distribution network of over 20 key distributors located throughout the world.

What is your policy on product samples?

Samples under 10 lbs. are free.

How quickly can I get samples?

In most cases, less than 48 hours.

What are your typical lead times?

Generally, we need 20 working days for most orders.

How many products do you offer?

We have a huge library of concentrates, pastes, powders and liquids. We currently offer close to 500 different products and have the capabilities to create custom flavors quickly.

What are your quality accreditations?

We are currently SQF Level 2.

What other regulatory certifications can FCI meet?

We are part of HACCP program and many of our products are available Kosher, Halal and Organic.